The Global Sports Business master’s degree program is designed to train leaders for careers in all sectors of the sports industry. It is a broad-based, inherently global, industry-specific program of study that reflects Rutgers’ traditional strengths in finance, marketing, management and law, as well as its location in the New York/Philadelphia/Washington northeast corridor, the center of the sports industry. Upon graduation from the Global Sports Business Program, students will have developed the following competencies:

  • An in-depth understanding of the many facets of the sports industry through a comprehensive curriculum. A wide array of specific assessments will be utilized, including traditional exams, term papers and the students' ability to contribute to class discussions.
  • Through the Executive Residency and mentorship from faculty and guest lecturers, students will identify their specific roles within the industry and be able to add immediate value to their employers. During the executive training, students will be involved with business and marketing projects guided by senior leadership within the companies they work.
  • A minimum of a 3.00 GPA in all coursework will be required to graduate from the program with no more than one grade of C or lower.