GSB Master of Science


Global Sports Business is a Master of Science program within the School of Arts and Sciences. A minimum of a 3.00 GPA in all course work will be required to graduate from the program with no more than one grade of C or C+. At the completion of their coursework and internship, each student will have completed a final project or business plan per course. The project will be judged by their supervisor(s) and a panel of experts comprised of senior faculty and business leaders in the respective area of the project or plan submitted by the student. Each project's evaluation will be based upon criteria related to, but not limited to, feasibility, pilot work, financing and profitability.

Upon graduation from our program student job candidates will display all of the following competencies: 1) evidence of experience in the development of successful business/marketing plans within the industry of sport; 2) evidence of strong and effective working relationships with industry leaders; 3) evidence of successful business experiences at the international level.

In the instructional courses, a wide array of assessments will be used, including guided market analysis research, traditional exams, term papers, and the student's ability to contribute to class discussions by problem-solving of specific case studies of contemporary business issues. During the executive training experiences, students will be involved with substantial business and marketing projects guided by senior leadership within the sports companies at which they are placed.